Boogaloo Republic of Komifornia T-Shirt

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Inspired by the California Flag and State Bear, we came up with the Boogaloo Republic Bear patch. This was in response to us true red blooded Americans who feel misrepresented and behind enemy lines here in the state of Komifornia. We needed a way to express our frustration and disapproval of the current status of our state legislature. The term Boogaloo is not a call for a civil war, but a term used by us modern day patriots that still hold dear the values of our Forefathers and are willing to fight to keep their American dream alive today. With that we found it only appropriate that we start a clothing line that stayed true to those values as well. Therefore we introduce the first rendition of the Boogaloo Republic of Komifornia T-Shirt. The front bearing the Betsy Ross Flag 13 stars with our final line of defense stated in the center and the Boogaloo Republic Flag on the back. This is more than a shirt, it is a statement of where you stand as an American. STAY SAFE AND LIVE FREE!!!