Gen 3 Stipple Reservation

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Due to the high demand of our stippling services, we have extended lead times on most of our stippling packages. For this we are extremely grateful to all of our loyal customers. In an effort to combat this and continue offering you guys the customer service and turn around times you deserve, we have started a Queue. This will allow you to hold a spot inline for your stippling service and still retain possession of your firearm until we are ready to perform the services you requested.
The deposit for a position on the list is $100. This is a NON REFUNDABLE deposit that will be applied to your future work. Before placing your reservation, please contact us with the details of your build so we can discuss options and pricing. Once we receive your reservation for the queue, we will create your invoice. At that time, everything is complete and we will contact you once your scheduled time to send in your frame has arrived. Once we have received your frame, turn around will be 2-3 weeks depending on the extent of your build.
Whats Included
*Keep or delete finger grooves
*Keep or delete Glock logo
*Stippled index points
*Stippled under trigger guard
*Polished magwell
*Finger grooves/front strap/back strap are melted into the frame before sanding and contouring, to insure the most         structural integrity and decrease magwell deflection from over gripping the frame.

Stipple Add Ons

*Single under cut $25

*Double under cuts $50

*Index ramps $50

*Enhanced top finger groove includes single under cut $75

*Magazine release scallop $30 (Gen 3 only!)

*Single color cerakote frame $75 (Includes 2 tone)

*Customer is responsible for all shipping cost to and from
*All regulated items must be shipped in accordance with Federal and State Law
*Non Refundable deposit will be held for any future work if appointment is cancelled
*Current Queue lead time is 8-10 weeks